Macrame Smokey Quartz 08mm: Handcrafted Hip Hop Buddhist Bracelet




8mm Smokey Quartz Macrame: Ward off negative energies and stabilize your inner peace and tranquility with the warm and earthy tones of our Smokey (or Smoky) Quartz‚ Macrame Buddhist Bracelets. The matching tones of the brown cord used for hand stringing the bracelet only serve to enhance its power, beauty and positive energies!

Smokey Quartz is a grounding stone that is said to transmute negative energies and facilitate your ability to get things done in the practical world. At the workplace, it enhances organizational skills and is believed to promote creative thinking. It is also known as nature's endurance stone.


Condition: Brand New.

Item Weight: Approx. 20.3 grams.

Key Dimensions: Fully adjustable to fit both men and women.

Metal Components: n/a.

Style or Setting: Unisex‚ Macrame bracelet.


Cut: Round bead.

Gemstone(s): Natural Smokey or Smoky Quartz.

Settings: Brown Hand-Knotted cord.

Size: Primary stones are approx. 8mm in diameter, terminating stones are 6mm.



Gemstone Variations: These gemstones used in this item are natural gemstones; as such, they may vary in color, marbling, variegation or inclusions and may contain some minor blemishes or imperfections.

Notes: Items in images may appear larger than actual size.

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