Brandi: 0.765ct Heart cut Simulated Green Emerald Claddagh Ring Silver


Brandi: As an enduring symbol of your love, loyalty, friendship and commitment, the Brandi is the created Green Emerald ring to our Dublin collection of Claddagh Promise and Wedding rings. Featuring a 6mm Heart-cut Simulated Green Emerald accented by a smaller 1.5mm Russian Ice on Fire CZ's in the top of the crown, the Brandi is sure to catch both hearts and eyes. Once just the traditional wedding ring of the Irish, the Claddagh ring has become a universal symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship of people throughout the world. When worn on the right hand with the crown and heart facing out, it symbolizes that the wearer's heart is yet to be won. When the wearer is under love's spell, it is worn with the heart and crown facing inwards. When worn on the left hand, with the crown and heart facing inwards, this signifies that your love has been requited.


  • This item is brand new.

  • The ring weighs approx. 1.9 grams.

  • The design measures about 9.5mm in depth (or a more than than 1/3").

  • Made with Solid 925 Sterling Silver with protective Platinum White Rhodium finish.

  • Hallmarked 925.


  • Simulated Emerald solitaire accented with clear Russian Ice on Fire CZ's.

  • The Heart-cut solitaire measures 6mm in diameter.

  • The diamond equivalent weight of the solitaire is 0.75 carats.

  • Total carat weight for the promise ring is approx. 0.765 carats.

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