Damien 2: Smaller Mens 316L Stainless Steel Grim Reaper Skull Ring


Damien 2: Bring the dark knight to life with Damien 2, a smaller version of our popular Mens 316L Stainless Steel Grim Reaper Skull Ring. The original Damien measures 28mm in depth across the face of the ring, Damien 2 measures only 20mm. It's a great choice if you like the design but prefer a little less of an intense presence on your hand and/or have shorter fingers to begin with.


Age or Condition: Brand New.

Item Weight: Approx. 15.6 grams (weight may vary by ring size).

Key Dimensions: The design (skull) measures approx. 20mm in depth or about 8/10".

Metal Components: Cast 316L Stainless Steel. 100% lead and nickel free.

Style or Setting: Mens Cast 316L Stainless Steel Biker Skull Ring.

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