Elizabeth: 16mm Royal Lavender Created Opal Teardrop Lever Back Earrings 14K WG


Elizabeth: Bring out your royal side with these 16mm Royal Lavender Opal Teardrop Lever Back Earrings on solid 14k White Gold posts. Made with synthetic Royal Lavender Opal, these have the essence of royalty and are an ideal gift as the birthstone for October.

Many people are not aware that created Opal is actually preferred to natural opal for most jewelry items. Natural Opal is not particularly well-suited to being used in jewelry since it's a relatively soft gemstone, is subject to chipping and breakage, requires regular care and maintenance, and has to be protected from sunlight and many chemicals and contaminants such as hair spray, perfumes and the like. That's why much of the jewelry made with natural Opal are actually created doublets and triplets (Opal mounted to a resin base and then clear-coated to protect it).



  • Earrings are brand new.

  • The set weighs approx. 1.8 grams.

  • Each earring measures about 34mm in length (approx. 1 3/8").

  • Made with Solid 14k White Gold.

  • Hallmarked 14k.



  • Made with created Royal Lavender Opal.

  • Gemstone measures 16mm in length (approx. 0.63").

  • Style or Setting: Teardrop Lever Back Earrings for Pierced Ears.



  • These earrings are made with top drilled, tapered, teardrop gemstones. You are ensured of a much stronger mounting since the peg on the drop cap is set into the stones.

  • This design is available on 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, 14-20 Gold Filled, and 925 Sterling Silver settings.

  • Items in images may appear larger than actual size.

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