Natural Alexandrite Full Color Change Stud Earrings 14K White, Yellow, Rose Gold


Alexsa: Our Alexsa line of earrings features the beauty, style, elegance and rarity of our 100% Natural Alexandrite gemstones hand-set into solid 14 Karat White, Yellow or Rose Gold cast basket settings (screw-back posts are also available).

This listing is for our Fancy Select A grade of Natural Alexandrite stones that exhibit good to very good (strong) color changing properties. The last photo shows a representative sample of the color-change properties of the stones in this grade. The left-hand side of the photo shows the stones under natural wavelength lighting (fluorescent and high CRI LED's); whereas the right-hand side shows the same stone under incandescent lighting.

This is a custom made-to-order item. As such, it normally ships out in 3 to 7 business days depending on gemstone availability.



Condition: Brand New.

Key Dimensions: Diameter varies between 2.25 mm and 4.0 mm.

Metal Components: Solid 14K Gold. Hallmarked.

Stamp or Hallmark: 14K.

Style or Setting: 4 prong cast basket stud earring setting. Standard or Threaded post.



Gemstone Cut: Round, Faceted Brilliant cut.

Gemstone Size: Between approx. 2.25mm and 4mm in diameter depending on the size selected.

Gemstone Type: Select Natural A grade Fancy Color-changing Alexandrite. AA and AAA grade stones may also be available. Please contact us via email.

Carat Weight: See the list below by size (all sizes and weights are approximate):

2.25mm size: 0.05 carats each, 0.10 carats for the set
2.5mm size: 0.08 carats each, 0.16 carats for the set
2.75mm size: 0.10 carats each, 0.20 carats for the set
3.0mm size: 0.12 carats each, 0.24 carats for the set
3.25mm size: 0.16 carats each, 0.32 carats for the set
3.5mm size: 0.20 carats each, 0.40 carats for the set
4.0mm size: 0.27 carats each, 0.54 carats for the set



Gorgeous and Unique! Natural Alexandrite, far and away the rarest of all of the Birthstones (far more rare than Diamonds, Rubies or Emeralds). They are so hard to come by, that there are only a handful of reputable dealers in the entire country that carry these beauties. Our preferred supplier for these stones offers accurately graded stones at very reasonable prices.

A word of Caution: As is the case with so many gemstones these days, there are a lot of fakes and chemically-treated synthetics that people are trying to pass off as genuine Alexandrite. Please do your due diligence before purchasing something at unrealistically low prices. Natural Alexandrite is a truly rare gemstone and thus, quite pricey.

Gemstone Variations: Please note that these are natural gemstones; as such, they may vary in color, marbling, variegation or inclusions and may contain some minor imperfections.

Notes: Items in images may appear larger than actual size. The drop cap design may vary depending on product availability.

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