Tanya: Pear Shape Faceted Quartz over Turquoise Right Hand Ring 925 Silver


Tanya: A unique shape and a unique look, the Tanya line is sure to catch people's attention. The line features the unique look of turquoise with a faceted quartz overlay, giving it, as some describe, the appearance of continents surrounded by gorgeous oceans. This is the ring of the Tanya line and measures about 13.5mm across the face.


  • The ring is brand new.

  • Weighs approx. 2.4 grams.

  • The pendant measures about 13.5mm (a little more than 1/2") across the face.

  • Metal: Solid 925 Sterling Silver.

  • Hallmarked 925.


  • Turquoise with a Faceted Quartz cover.

  • The stones each measure about 12mm by 9.5mm.

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