Lorraine: 8mm 3.2cts Fiery White Opal Crown Set Stud Earrings Silver


Lorraine: The gorgeous and fiery beauty of opal gemstones hand set into stylish and elegant solid 925 Sterling Silver 4 point Crown settings. This set features a stunning and gorgeous set of our created 8mm Australian Fiery White Opal domed, round cabochons (cabs). A gorgeous addition to any wardrobe and an ideal gift as the birthstone for October. For those that aren't aware of it, synthetic Opal is actually preferred to natural opal for jewelry items. Natural Opal is not particularly well-suited to being used in jewelry since it's a relatively soft gemstone, breaks easily and has to be protected from sunlight and many chemicals.


Condition: Brand New.

Item Weight: Approx. 1.2 grams for the set.

Key Dimensions: Each earring measures about 8mm in diameter (or about 1/3").

Metal Components: Solid 925 Sterling Silver.

Stamp or Hallmark: 925.

Style or Setting: Hand set 4 point Hold Tight Crown Settings for pierced ears.


Gemstone Cut: Round, domed cabochon.

Gemstone Size: Approx. 8mm in diameter.

Gemstone Type: Synthetic Australian Fiery White Opal.

Weight (Gemstone): Each earring is approx. 1.60 carats; total for the set is approx. 3.2 carats.


About the Settings: The 4 point hold tight crown settings are a much heavier, higher quality than you see on so many other sterling silver stud earrings. There is a distinction between hold tight and snap tite settings (hold tight settings are better, heavier).

Additional Sizes: The round cabs are available in sizes from 4mm up to 8mm; other shapes, sizes and colors may also be available.

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